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Relations with financial institutions (especially banks) are an integral part of doing business in our modern reality. We need banking services in order to have accounts and be able to make payments both locally and globally, receive income, settle with the budget, use credit and deposit products, perform foreign exchange operations, etc.

It was the practical need for banking services that led to the rapid development of the mentioned sector, and today, in addition to loans and deposits, banks offer many other complex services, the selection of which often requires professional opinion and specific experience in order to be able to get a product tailored to us under optimal conditions.

Despite the variety of financial products, companies most often need loan products. In order to get a loan, companies have to comply with the bank's requirements, in particular - have sufficient profitability, reasonable cost structure, high degree of legality, proper security, etc.

Loialte offers an innovative product for the Georgian market - a financial broker.

Financial broker services include support of small, medium or large entrepreneurs in the process of relations with banking institutions (and not only), which in turn includes:

  • Research of the needs of the customer company - in order to request a specific product from a financial institution under specific conditions, it is necessary to understand our own needs. The better we know what we need, the more solid arguments we have for dealing with financial institutions, although first of all it is more important to determine how much our company needs to raise additional funds or use any other financial product.
  • Preparation of the customer's company profile for relations with financial institutions - Financial institutions make decisions mostly taking into account the existing or potential risks associated with the client company. Risks can be caused by various factors, including unorganized accounting and financial management of the client, faulty business model, lack of strategic planning, inefficient operations, scarcity of human resources, low level of technological development, etc. The higher the risk, the worse the conditions for the financial products that the financial institution offers, or in the worst case, they refuse to cooperate with you at all. To eliminate/minimize all of the above-mentioned risks, the Loialte team ensures the company's preparation so that its profile meets the standards required by financial institutions and ensures the best conditions for financial products.
  • Communicating with local or international financial institutions and getting the best terms for financial products - Relations with financial institutions (especially if it concerns international financial institutions) is a specific process, and the results that the company finally receives significantly depend on the correct conduct of this process. Also, often companies become dependent on the offers of only one financial institution, which prevents them from considering the offers of other organizations (which in some cases may be more competitive). LoIalte's financial brokers are familiar with local and international financial institutions operating in Georgia and the countries of the region and can easily and effectively establish relations with them in order to find new opportunities and the best conditions for these opportunities, and can also compare the offered products and offer expert recommendations.
  • Preparation of the loan project for submission to the financial institution and administration of the financing process - Financing by the bank (or other financial institution) is connected with the analysis of the client company in various directions, which we call the loan project as a whole (where information is gathered about the client's finances, collateral, business plan, strategy, etc. ). In order for the communication to be comfortable and effective, it is important to present a quality loan project to the bank. LoIalte's financial brokers ensure, on the one hand, the determination of the company's creditworthiness and, on the other hand, the collection of all necessary documents and their delivery to the bank in such a way that it is acceptable and reviewable.

In addition to the delivery of the requested documents, during the review process of the product requested by the bank, issues constantly arise that require the involvement of the client's company and the submission of relevant arguments. The mentioned process is also quite difficult and responsible, especially when negotiations are conducted simultaneously with several financial institutions. LoIalte employees provide management of the entire process of relationship with the financial institution.

  • Continuous relationship with the financial institution instead of the customer - the business needs to have a continuous relationship with the financial institutions, be it in terms of loans or other products, therefore this relationship needs to be maintained in such a way that the company can access the desired and necessary resources as needed. Loialte's professional employees will ensure that your relationship with the bank is long and fair. The latter means that if at a certain point the offering of the financial institution is no longer competitive in the market, we will ensure that the client is informed of this and that alternatives are sought.

Note: From the list of services given above, in some cases, a specific customer may have only one or several needs, and the service will be provided accordingly.

Benefits - Why you should use Loialte's financial broker services

  • Professionalism - The Loialte team is composed of professional financiers who have many years of experience in the banking sector.
  • Financial consulting - Often the company has the feeling that it needs to attract additional financial resources, however, after a detailed financial analysis, it turns out that there is no need for this, or it does not exist in such a volume. By cooperating with Loialte, you will be able to determine to what degree and in what form you need to interact with the financial institution.
  • Communication with one company - In addition to financial services, LoIalte combines various professional services and you do not have to deal with several companies for different services.
  • Saved time - Dealing with financial institutions is time consuming and this time increases as you try to get offers from different financial institutions. Loialte experts will do it for you.
  • Finances saved - - By cooperating with Loialte, you can get the best terms on the market for any financial product, which in itself means that you significantly save funds that remain in your business and are used for faster company development..


How does Loyalte service differ from personal banker service (which the bank offers)? We can find many differences, but we can highlight a few of them:

  • Loilate represents an independent party whose interest is that the client company receives the best terms for financial products and, in order to achieve this goal, creates a healthy competition between different financial institutions;
  • Loialte experts are in contact with various financial institutions in the market (both in Georgia and abroad), which allows us to have constantly updated information not only in one specific bank, but also on the trends and financial products in the entire system;
  • Loialte promises to provide the entire process, which may be related to various consulting or outsourcing services, including accounting, financial management

Service cost - The scope and duration of the financial broker's service may be different for all clients, which is why the service cost is determined individually, after assessing the client's needs and agreeing on the scope of work. For more clarity, pricing depends on the following (and not only) factors:

  • The number of financial products and their characteristics, the amount required by the customer to be accepted by the financial organizations - eg: loan volume;
  • Level of legalization of client's financial accounting;
  • The need for several financial consolidations (if the customer represents a group of companies);
  • Quality of documentation (including accounting records) to be submitted to the bank;
  • Number of financial institutions, ability to work with several simultaneously;
  • Volume of work in terms of days, required number of employees, etc.
  • How quickly the customer needs to receive the financial product (eg: credit);
  • etc

How does the service work?

  • Meeting and first interview with the customer
  • Initial assessment of the customer's financial situation in order to get a decision on the continuation of cooperation
  • Agreement with the customer and signing of the relevant contract
  • Detailed study of the customer's company profile, identification of defects and drawing up of a design to correct the said defect.
  • Selection of financial products, discussion with the customer and starting communication with various financial institutions based on the confirmation
  • Forming a short list of proposals received from financial institutions, agreeing with the customer and applying to the relevant financial institutions.
  • Providing the information requested from the financial institution in a form acceptable to them, including:
    •  Business/accounting sources;
    •  Delivery of information related to provision;
    •  Communicating on behalf of the customer on any issue during the review process;

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