Bylaws - Corporate Manual

Any company, guided by its principles, values, and uniqueness, tends to be "individual" in its approach, reflecting its distinctive culture, norms, and policies. It is precisely through these characteristics that companies are chosen, even when operating in the same sphere as other competitors.

Close attention to these topics ensures the identification of the company's "identity," contributing to the establishment of dual standards development in companies, which may be a potential cause of conflicts.

Corporate governance unites topics such as:

  • Company values
  • Norms governing conduct within the company
  • Internal regulations
  • Issues related to labor relations
  • Existing conflicts and policies within the company
  • Objectives of internal processes.

Paying attention to employees, corporate culture:

  • Provides realistic expectations for the employee and employer.
  • Is necessary for compliance with relevant legislation.
  • Determines the role played in the formalization of the positive context of the corporate governance system.
  • Guides our actions in working with a positive context, using simple and understandable language for everyone.
  • Our team also actively contributes to the implementation of corporate governance through various activities and workshops.

Our team will also support you in introducing corporate values ​​through various activities and workshops.

A strong corporate culture in the company determines order and trust in relationships.

Loialte HR will help you become a competitive and responsible employer in the market.

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