Determination of official instructions and functionality of structural units

Accurate determination of the functionality and role of structural units is crucial for correctly defining the responsibilities for incoming positions and ensuring the successful implementation of tasks in these positions in the subsequent process of staff allocation. This process, which we refer to as " individual instruction," requires precise instructions.

For this purpose, the definition of the role and tasks of a structural unit is necessary, and it involves:

  • Investigation of responsibilities of structural unit representatives
  • Accurate determination for strategic and operational planning
  • Setting guidelines for the incoming positions within the structural unit
  • Defining the number of employees for each position

Providing specific instructions, both on their own and in coordination with other important functions, for effective implementation of duties related to a specific position.

Additionally, the individual instruction is necessary for:

  • Proper selection of a new employee
  • Simplification of the onboarding process
  • Examination and verification of the role and responsibilities
  • Compliance with regulations, as part of the instruction for work-related responsibilities

Accurate formulation of the functional and role-specific instructions is essential for the efficient functioning of a particular structural unit in the company.

Following standard procedures:

  • We familiarize ourselves with the internal organizational structure of the company.
  • We observe work processes.
  • We gather information through interviews and questionnaires.
  • We work on analyzing the received information.

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