Team Member Search and Selection (Recruiting)

In today's reality and in the conditions of competition, the selection of team members is a challenging task, and it does not demand simple handling of processes. Errors in the selection process often lead to incorrect decisions and the subsequent departure of the chosen employee from the company. As a result, the company, instead of the desired employee, accepts not only the direct financial costs but also invests time and financial resources.

Loialte HR is ready to assist you in the selection of team members for any position and actively cooperate with you throughout the selection process. Additionally, we will help you properly present your company to the candidate, ensuring that the integration process of the new employee into the company becomes as effective as possible, contributing to their long-term satisfaction.

The selection process includes the following stages:

  • Accurate identification of the employee's requirements and conditions
  • Understanding the culture, goals, and values of the potential employee
  • Jointly defining and specifying the job description with the employee
  • Accurate positioning of the employee
  • Determining appropriate channels, stages, and criteria for selection
  • Preparation and completion of the announcement
  • Communication with candidates, defining compliance and conducting interviews
  • Shortlisting for the respective employee
  • Monitoring the decision-making process and receiving periodic feedback, both from the employee and the company.

In the process of selecting candidates, we use various channels, including the help of a member company of the Loyalte Group - employment portal, which gives us the opportunity to find suitable candidates in a short time from its constantly updated database.

In addition, we search in social networks, where we are very actively represented. Among them, hiro has created a group of job seekers, which unites several tens of thousands of people throughout Georgia. This group allows us not only to share vacancies but also to interact with interested job seekers.

Loialte HR will help you become a competitive and responsible employer in the market.

Mari Metonidze [email protected]

Head of HRM agency - Hiro

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