Organization structure and human resources

Organizational structure defines the responsibilities of employees, making it clear who should make decisions on the implementation of various processes and, in general, increases motivation and efficiency in the overall context of accurate performance assessments.

In the absence of an organizational structure in a company, it becomes difficult for employees to understand who to address in specific situations, which, in turn, hinders the efficiency of processes, frustrates users, and leads to uncompleted and delayed projects, etc.

What does a company gain with the existence of a correct structure?

  • Optimization of expenses - the absence of duplication of functions and resources
  • Increase in motivation due to proper allocation of responsibilities for decision-making and other processes
  • Improvement of internal communication processes
  • Increased efficiency of existing resources
  • Reduction of operational errors
  • Coordination of plan implementation and, consequently, an increase in its quality
  • Opportunities for career development and increased motivation for employees
  • Alignment of human resources management with organizational resource management decisions.

What does Loialte Strategy encompass?

  • Aligning the organizational structure with the company's business model and strategy
  • Creating a description of job responsibilities
  • Conducting the process of searching for and hiring employees
  • Development of a program for employee orientation
  • Necessary trainings
  • Evaluation system implementation
  • Motivational and bonus system implementation.

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