Loialte Strategy

Loialte Strategy is a new direction of Loialte and aims to help companies develop, offering them the best ways to overcome existing difficulties, respond to environmental challenges, increase efficiency and achieve new goals.

Loialte Strategy offers its customers consulting services related to business growth and development. Designed for startups, as well as established and successful organizations.

Loialte Strategy offers the following services

  • Establishment of the company's business model

Business model - a kind of vision of the company, how the company intends to realize its main goals.

  • Definition of strategic action plan and support in implementation

 The strategy determines the direction in which the company is developing and what stages it has to go through to achieve the main goal.

  • Human resources and organizational structure

Defines the responsibilities of employees, makes it clear who should make decisions according to various processes, and ultimately increases motivation and efficiency among employees if properly formulated.

  • Operations and organizational culture

Operations management is related to the day-to-day activities of the company and includes planning, coordinating and controlling all the resources and activities necessary to obtain the final product.

Organizational culture determines the behavior of employees in the company and includes their beliefs, values, accepted rules, assumptions, etc.

  • Development and project management

 Any activity of the company related to development has a specific goal and expectations regarding the completion time - it is traditionally a project. Managing projects effectively and efficiently is critically important to an organization and has a significant impact on the positive or negative outcomes of its operations.

  • Quality control

The purpose of quality control is to detect deficiencies in existing business processes and ensure their correction.

how do we work?

  • The first stage of cooperation is defining the goal
  • Initial analysis - free of charge

According to the analysis, Loialte Strategy establishes an action plan

  • Detailed audit and development of conclusions
  • Changes to the map agreement with the company
  • Support for the implementation of changes

Expected results for the company

  • Transforming chaotic work into processes and clear projects
  • Implementation of teamwork culture
  • Determination of duties and responsibilities, increase in hardship
  • Obtaining maximum efficiency with available resources
  • Creation of performance quality control mechanisms and reduction of errors
  • Cost reduction

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