Management of receivables portfolio

Today, receivables are the most painful issue for almost all business entities, regardless of which economic regardless of the type of activity the business is engaged in.

On these important issues  "contractor" - offers the service of collection and management of receivables, both through previous legal measures and the initiation of disputes through litigation.

To get quick and effective results, it is very important to develop the right strategy for managing the receivables portfolio and select the right litigation model so that the processes are carried out perfectly and efficiently. The latter depends on many years of experience in this direction.

The "Loialte" team has many years of multi-disciplinary experience in this direction (collectively managing 500+ cases). Our experienced team is ready to manage your company's accounts receivable package, both in court and arbitration, as well as in the National  bureau of enforcement

Previous legal proceedings:

  • Telephone communication by a lawyer with debtors and solving problems through negotiation (so-called Soft Collection);
  • Preparation/sending of warning letters supported by legal grounds - preparation for litigation of the case, which significantly increases the achievement of results in a short time.

Initiating a dispute through litigation:

  • Analysis of documentation, consultation and identification of risks;
  • Preparation/registration of a claim;
  • After receiving the claim in the proceedings taking an appropriate legal actions/control/management of the case.
  • Negotiation with the debtor before the process (continuation of Soft Collection);
  • Representation in court proceedings;
  • Delivery of reports (in the agreed quantity);
  • Further legal actions in accordance with the court decision:
  1. Control/management the service of forced execution of the decision;
  2. Appealing the decision to a higher instance (if any);
  3. Management of the case on the appealed decision in a higher instance (if any);
  4. Completion of the case;

Choose the payment terms that suit you:

  1. Monthly fixed fee;
  2. Fixed one-time fee and % of the amount charged afterwards;
  3. Fixed specific fee in the first month of cooperation, monthly minimum fee and % of the amount charged thereafter;


Note: Suggested fees are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

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