A trademark may be registered as:

  • Word or combination of words
  • Human name
  • letters
  • numbers
  • Sounds
  • Image
  • Three-dimensional (3D) figure
  • Shape of the goods or packaging
  • Other appearance of goods using color or combination of colors

The trademark registers for 10 years at the National Intellectual Property Center of Georgia "Sakpatenti". If the owner of a trademark wishes, the registration deadline can be extended for each subsequent 10 years, Without limiting repetition. The scope of trademark protection in Georgia may be extended to other countries as well.

Violation of trademark rights leads to civil, administrative and criminal liability. In case of refusal to register a trademark or postponed for its future, the entrepreneur may face the following risks:

  • Another person may be free and unrestricted to use an identical or similar identity in its activities
  • Another person may register a trademark in his name and then prohibit this entrepreneur to use the trademark
  • Entrepreneur may select a trademark that is not subject to registration.

"Loialte" offers you the following legal services related to trademark registration and protection:

  • Trademark registration
  • The spread of the trademark validity of Georgia registered in other countries

            Representation of the Party in the dispute regarding the trademark registration:

  • In the Chamber of Appeals of Sakpatenti
  • Any instance of the court of Georgia
  • Representation in case of any violation of the trademark rights in any instance court of Georgia
  • Registration of a trademark, as an intellectual property objects in Revenue Service of Georgia, which already is registered in "Sakpatenti", in order to carry out border measures against counterfeit products.
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