Accounting outsourcing and tax consulting

It is important for any business to properly handle accounting and minimize tax risks.

Loialte offers you a specially designed product that includes:

  • Accounting Program Services
  • Accounting
  • Internal reporting
  • Declaration on Revenue Service
  • Consultations in tax issues
    The monthly cost of the package is 450 GEL (without VAT)

Legal Outsourcing

It is important for an experienced and beginner business to arrange the internal corporation structure and to establish a legal relationship with the employee, as well as regulating the contractual relations arising from the third parties.

Use specially designed products for startup:

  • Corporation law (company charter, preparation of foundation documents and other corporate documents)
  • Labor Law (including the formation of labor contracts, labor regulations, work descriptions, etc.)
  • Contractual Law
  • Banking law
  • Consultations on cases created in the working process

The monthly cost of the package is 450 GEL (without VAT)

Combined Package: Accounting Outsourcing, Tax Consulting and Legal Outsourcing

The combined package is cost-effective and the monthly cost is 700 GEL (without VAT).

The offer is provided for startupers in the region too.

In case of use of Startup Package, special conditions will also apply to our other services, in particular, 20% discount on the following services:

  • Representation with a tax authority
  • Representation in court / arbitration
  • Support for tax disputes
  • Support in preparing a preliminary decision
  • Preparation of business documents (contract, protocol, etc.)
  • Assessment of property
  • Help in Compliance Issues
  • Trademark registration
  • Tax audit
  • Financial audit
  • Any kind of training at

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