Business analysis

In any business, executive managers must determine, monitor and control the key indicators in the company that ensure the company's effective functioning, financial and operational health and proper development, including (but not limited to) the company's competitiveness, operational efficiency, revenue and cost structure, profitability, etc.

"Loialte" financial experts will analyze and prepare detailed information on such important issues as:

Analysis of the main driving factors of the business - any business has its own specifics, and it is important to identify the main directions and factors that influence or may influence the success or failure of the business. For example, cost minimization; income diversification; negotiations and agreements with suppliers and key market entities; sensitivity to exchange rate fluctuations; Pricing strategy and policy and more. 

Profitability Analysis - Profitability is the ultimate and primary goal of any commercial organization. Profitability analysis refers to the analysis of the company's income and expenses, comparison with the target indicator and determination of ways of optimization.

Analysis of pricing - The correct formation of sales prices, control of these prices in the subsequent dynamics and implementation of timely changes are critically important for any business (especially for those businesses whose products or services are intended for individuals and are sensitive to even a small change in prices).

Development, implementation and analysis of financial KPI's - KPI (Key Performance Indicators) refers to the main indicators that can be used to measure business success in the short, medium or long term. Selecting indicators taking into account the specifics, size and strategic or tactical plans of a particular business is a big challenge. If the mentioned indicators are set incorrectly, the whole subsequent process will also go wrong and the financial results and decisions will be contrastingly different from the realistic ones. "Loialte" professional financiers will help you to develop, implement and analyze the right KPIs.

Benchmarking - In order to understand how relevant our operational or financial indicators are to the average indicators of a particular industry/activity, it is important to systematically carry out a benchmarking analysis, which involves analyzing our company's results in relation to the industry average and highlighting the strengths and weaknesses that characterize our company. Such analysis allows us to make decisions that will correct our weaknesses and further strengthen our successful business lines.

Managing liabilities - Running a business is often associated with taking on various liabilities. There is nothing wrong with commitments if this commitment serves the best goals of the company and is financially calculated in such a way that it will not bring fatal consequences in the short, medium or long term - on the contrary, in the ideal case, taking a commitment serves to improve the company's specific indicators and growth/development. We will help you to optimally arrange the structure of obligations and then manage them correctly. Also, the experienced financial experts of "Loialte" will be involved in the negotiation process (for example with financial institutions), which is a very responsible and specific issue and requires relevant knowledge and experience.

The abovementioned services are not an exhaustive list of the entire process that includes business analysis. "Loialte" professional financiers are ready to analyze your activities both one-time and permanently and provide recommendations aimed at further growth and development of your business.


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