HR Outsourcing

HR outsourcing involves complete or partial delegation of issues related to the search, selection, management, support, and development of human capital beyond the company.

Why HR Outsourcing:

  • Outsourcing takes full responsibility for comprehensive services from the team, which is staffed with professionals and is constantly in the course of business trends, market developments, and legal changes.
  • HR outsourcing ensures the efficient functioning of the HR department within the organization, focusing on the internal resource utilization.
  • HR outsourcing is flexible in decision-making, as it mobilizes the company's team members with different levels of professionalism, depending on the needs.
  • During HR outsourcing, the company has the opportunity to focus fully on business development and the implementation of strategic goals.

HR outsourcing covers the following thematic areas:

  • Implementation and execution of HR strategy
  • Administration and risk management
  • Compliance with legal requirements
  • Definition of the functional structure of individual units
  • Development of employee instructions
  • Integration and implementation of corporate culture and development
  • Search and selection (recruiting) of team members
  • Remote management of the "onboarding" process for employees
  • Establishment of a system for evaluating results
  • Implementation of motivational systems
  • Employer branding

We offer two formats of cooperation

  • Involvement of a Loialte representative in the implant ordering company and its daily operational activities, and
  • Remote support of the existing HRM team in the customer's company.

Loialte HR will help you become a competitive and responsible employer in the market.


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