Risk management and HR administration

Managing issues related to employees and workplace relationships involves addressing specific risks, and each challenge is a potential opportunity for the company's management. The identification of these risks may not only be due to financial considerations but also may encompass reputational risks that could affect the company.

Our team will assist you in efficiently managing:

  • Rights of employees and employers
  • Claims related to workplace relationships
  • Internal rules and safety standards
  • Processes of hiring and termination
  • Investigation of workplace disputes and calculation
  • Salary negotiations and variable compensation calculations
  • Preparation of employment-related documentation
  • Administration of sanctions and account correction
  • Management of benefits and bulletin administration
  • Risk assessment and compliance with current legislation

Your business success, as well as the well-being and loialte of your employees, is guaranteed by our careful and strategic risk management, aligned with the regulations and standards.

Loialte HR is committed to helping you become a competitive and responsible employer in the market.

Mari Metonidze [email protected]

Head of HRM agency - Hiro

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