Operations and organizational culture

Operations management is related to the day-to-day activities of the company and includes planning, coordinating and controlling all the resources and activities necessary to obtain the final product.

The main goal of process analysis and optimization is to reduce costs (time, money, etc.), study problems and create an improved algorithm or sequence of actions to improve the quality of the final result, or to make actions more efficient and faster.

What are the signs of faulty business processes?

  • Errors (for example caused by outdated business processes), unclear causes of problems, 'bottlenecks'
  • Time spent on manual (non-automated) operations
  • Difficulties related to the introduction of innovations
  • Difficulties in complying with regulations

What are the consequences of bad business processes?

  • Reducing the efficiency of the company
  • Cost increase
  • Reducing the quality of work
  • Ignoring the risks
  • Failure to implement a strategic plan

Organizational culture determines the behavior of employees in the company and includes their beliefs, values, accepted rules, assumptions, etc.

What are the signs of a negative culture?

  • Discussion of frequent negative news, gossip in the office
  • Lack of team spirit
  • Indifference to company values
  • Unhealthy competition

What are the consequences of a negative culture?

  • Miscommunication and toxic employees
  • Low level of acceptance of changes and innovations
  • Focusing employee energy on internal conflicts rather than customer needs
  • Failure to execute the strategy

 What does the Loialte Strategy service include?

  • Analysis/audit of the main operations specific to the company (finance, production, administration, marketing, human resources, legal)
  • (IT) audit of development processes and making recommendations
  • In order to optimize specific (basic) processes of the company, analysis of these processes, detection of non-targeted actions and other costs, making recommendations; Support for the implementation of the action plan
  • Analysis of organizational culture and support for changes if necessary. Evaluating the communication skills and methods of the company's employees and making recommendations for improvement

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