Contract preparation / revision

The diversity of civil legal relations determines the number of contracts, their complexity and complex nature.

Contractor's team of professional lawyers, based on special legal knowledge and experience, offers:

  • Contracts's text preparation, in which the conditions in the negotiation process between the parties are reflectedin a written document
  • The formation of the mutual will of the parties, the clear formation of the interests of the interested parties and the analysis of risks in order to avoid legal disputes as much as possible in the future.
  • Consulting on the expected legal and financial consequences during the formation of the contract

The Contractor will support you in the revision process of the existing contract, which involves:

  • To evaluate the expected results provided by the contract
  • Analysis of risks arising from the contract.
  • Consultation regarding expected disputes due to the contract.

Contractor helps its clients develop commercial activities in legal ways and offers various ways and methods to support business operations. Contractual services are provided by a single team that is constantly ready to evaluate legal risks and financial challenges.

Lana Paichadze [email protected]

Head of the Legal Department

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