Legal support related to labor relations

Labor law regulates the relations between the employer and the employee. These relationships arise on the condition that the employee performs the work and the employer pays for the work.

Georgia is in the stage of transformation of labor legislation within the framework of its commitment to the European Union, therefore labor legislation changes often and business also constantly needs to bring its activities into compliance with updated labor legislation.

Contractor's team of experienced lawyers offers legal support in labor relations, which includes:

  • Bringing labor legal relations into compliance with legislation
  • Consultations related to labor legal issues
  • Drafting/revising the existing labor contract
  • Drafting/revision of existing labor bylaws
  • Analysis of expected labor legal disputes
  • Representation labor disputes in court, arbitration and mediation process


Contractor's legal team will help you get qualified legal services that will allow you to protect your legal interests and avoid labor disputes

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