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Hiring a chief accountant is a difficult and responsible process, at the same time associated with significant costs. This issue is especially painful for small and medium-sized companies.

"Loialte" offers the service of a chief accountant, through which you will be able to reduce tax and operational risks.

Remember that in the case of outsourcing the chief accountant, you will be served by a qualified team, which in turn means constantly updated information on tax news or the approaches of tax authorities.

Services include:

  • Сontrol of accounting activities
  • Revision of the chart of accounts to easily submit correct reports;
  • Preparation and implementation of appropriate work instructions;
  • Control of the execution of the organization's operations in accordance with the tax and other legislation of Georgia
  • Organization of accounting activities in full compliance with international financial accounting standards;
  • Identification of possible tax risks and Timely appropriate response and problem elimination
  • Сontrol of balance accounts;
  • Сontrol of debts/creditors/accounts;
  • Checking of monthly tax declarations
  • Cheking ofdata submitted in annual declarations;
  • Checking of data of monthly declarations to submitted to the pension agency;
  • Control of current taxes;
  • Checking of statements required by directors and founders/help in developing forms.

*"Loialte" services are insured by a leading insurance company.

We advise you to be practical and manage your risks wisely!


Ketevan Khorava [email protected]

Accounting portfolio manager

Magda Giorgidze [email protected]

Accounting portfolio Tax manager

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